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4th March 2013

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Wow, you make one post about Andy Davies…

… and get close to a thousand notes and a hundred additional followers in only one night. O.O 

I’m impressed. Thanks, guys. :D

To those of you who asked for my opinion on the matter (since I didn’t give it, but simply posted a collection of screencaps), here we go:

I think that Paul and Andy had a falling out at some point and that that, in addition to Andy missing his family and possibly some other minor reasons, was probably his reason to leave his job with 1D.

I don’t know Paul’s side of the story and only the small bits about Andy’s that shine through in his tweets, so I don’t dare make any assumptions about “Who’s the bad guy?” or “Whose fault was it?” - I’m pretty sure only the people who were right there know the whole truth to the matter.

I actually do think that Paul is a nice guy, too. I guess he and Andy just had a disagreement and couldn’t overcome it. It happens to the nicest people, especially when it comes to work relationships, and it doesn’t mean that either one is a bad guy. We haven’t heard Paul’s side of the whole story, so it wouldn’t be fair to judge him solely on what Andy said. I doubt that Paul is a jerk. But at the same time I don’t think that Andy’s lying or anything. It’s probably just a different perspective on the issue.

What I do get from Andy’s tweets is that he’s not on best terms with Paul, that he seems to be fine with the boys, and that he had little connection to Modest. I’m guessing his tweet about Modest not caring much about else than money could be interpreted in two ways: 1) Modest is in it for the money only and doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process of raking in the dough. 2) Modest is pretty lenient towards everything else as long as the financial aspects are working out for them. - Both not the best attitudes, but very different when it comes to the artist’s freedom. But, yeah, I’m not sure which one he meant and if it’s true.

I also know that there are many Ziam shippers out there who are set on defending Paul, claiming that Andy went and ratted Zayn and Liam out to Modest and that that was why he had to leave. Now, I’m not very informed on the Ziam front, I don’t know nearly enough about the idea that Andy told on them to have an opinion on it. All I know is that when I researched it, the only source for the Andy tattletale info that I could find was an update account but no source that’s actually anywhere close to the boys or their team. And since I generally don’t trust update accounts, I’m very sceptical about this. If you do have any better sources for this, please let me know, but until then I’m not gonna base any of my assumptions on an info that I don’t trust.

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